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Beat is the story of the two seminal incidents in the formation of the Beat movement: the events leading up to Lucienn Carr killing Dave Kammerer in New York City in 1944, and the events leading up to William Burroughs killing Joan Burroughs in Mexico City in 1951.  These two murders, a straight man killing a gay man, and a gay man killing a straight woman, are the key events in these writers' lives.  After committing the  murder, Lucian Carr never became a serious writer.  Killing Joan made William Burroughs finally dedicate himself to writing, and cut Joan's life short (she was considered the brightest of the group).

The movie was attacked when it came out.  I guess because folks were expecting guys in Gap ad khakis driving around in cool cars.  On the Road stuff.  I suppose I wasn't properly dialed in to pop expectations.  And the film was something of a tempest in teapot in the little world of belated Beat acolytes.  But I didn't make the film for them.

Starring: Kiefer Sutherland, Courtney Love, Ron Livingston, Norman Reedus, Sam Trammell, Kyle Secor

Lion's Gate is selling the DVD.  And it's on Netflix.  If you have trouble getting your eyeballs on the movie, drop me an email.