26. November 10, 2016: Ahem, er, hiatus, or who knows

Posting the journal has inhibited my drawings.  Henry Miller said that lying in a diary is the height of insanity.  It's not quite that.  Just it changes what I want to draw in a way that undermines and complicates the activity.  Not that the world or even a dozen have been watching, but I don't like the feel of those imaginary eyes peering over my sloping shoulder.  To be continued. 

October 16, 2016

I finished filling up the first notebook of drawings since restarting the journal on August 30.  I had stopped my daily in 2012.

Today I pick up another journal started  and stopped, from on October 29, 2011 (a day Janet and Irl came visited LA). Janet and Irl are visiting Cambridge. They didn't see Dot & Harry today.

15. October 15, 2016

I have always loved signage, before I'd heard of Walker Evans, though any signage photo must stand in his enormous shadow.  And before I heard of Christopher Wool.  But with the pictorial element added to the text/letters, I see I a path to I, me, mine (cf. George Harrison).  It's fun and it feels okay, the stakes are low to zero, I'm enjoying the path so far, however long it might last.  And I drew it today.