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Crashing is a sequel (in a meta sort of way) to TheTrouble with Dick.  

The character of Richard McMurray has written a novel called The Trouble with Dick, based on his experiences (as depicted in that movie).  The book was a best seller.  Richard is married to a TV actress and living in Malibu, and he is years behind delivering on the contract for his second novel.  His wife locks him out of the Malibu house and seizes all his assets (including the computer with the troubled manuscript on it).

That day, Richard is scheduled to speak at the writing class of Diane Freed, an old friend of Richard's, a pivotal character in the The Trouble with Dick, whom Richard wrote about rather transparently in the best-selling novel.  

With his credit cards frozen for a few days, on a lark Richard accepts an invitation to crash on the couch of two of Diane's femme writing students.  Richard's writer's block ends when he starts secretly writing about the two lit students.  And they start writing short stories about him.  A game of cat and mouse ensues.

I made the film for $7,000 and shot most of it in my apartment in a week.

Starring: Campbell Scott, Lizzy Caplan, Alex Kingston, Izabella Miko, David Cross

Available from Image Entertainment and Netflix. Drop me a line if you have trouble finding it.