The earliest dream I remember, age 4: I am on an operating table in my bedroom. A doctor in a gray suit stands over me. My head is split open and a tangled mass of 8mm film spills out. The doctor holds a strip of the film up to the light and it is little me running across the front yard.

The novels, movies, screenplays on this site are all free.  I'm happy to get them out in the world.  But my existence is fundamentally bohemian.  I gratefully accept donations, of any size, which I will use to make more art of all sorts.



Existential Risk


Be My Baby

Chasing Flavor


Radio Mary (Mubi)


Crashing (released by ThinkFilm, Image Entertainment, and Showtime)

Beat (released by Lions Gate)

Notes from Underground (Innovation Award, Taos Talking Pictures.  Released by Northern Arts, Sundance Channel)

The Trouble With Dick (Grand Prize, Sundance Film Festival. Released by FilmDallas Pictures)


The Airport Avenue Series –  joint show with William Ferlinghetti, William Turner Gallery

The Nixon Man – book cover, author: Michael Cahill, St. Martin’s Press

Corner of the Universe –  William Turner Gallery, Santa Monica CA.

Corner of the Universe – permanent installation at the Original Farmer’s Market (Fairfax and Third, Los Angeles)


Sledge Hammer! (ABC)

They Came From Outer Space (Universal Pictures)

She-Wolf of London (Universal Pictures) - TV episode


Innovation Award, Taos Talking Pictures (Notes from Underground) - Prize: Five acres of                 land in Taos, New Mexico

Grand Prize, Sundance Festival (The Trouble With Dick)

Screenwriting Fellow, Sundance Institute

Golden Reel Award (Sledge Hammer!)

Cine Golden Eagle (American Diary) - Best Documentary Series