a one day workshop 

(also available as a custom-designed course for one or more)


Gary Walkow

Sundance Film Festival Grand Prize Winner



“Producing a film with Gary, I was able to see first-hand the great skill and artistry that he brought to every phase of production  He’s that rare instance of a visionary who is utterly pragmatic.  Take this class.”

 -- Joe Russo, director of “Arrested Development”, “Captain America: Winter Soldier” , “Captain America: Civil War”   





Gary Walkow directs Campbell Scott and Lizzy Caplan in "Crashing"

Gary Walkow directs Campbell Scott and Lizzy Caplan in "Crashing"

This class is offered in Santa Monica and London.  Gary’s roots are American film, indy and studio, but he now produces and directs features in both the US and the UK.  The London edition of this master class offers participants a chance to get a perspective on filmmaking based on Walkow’s thirty years of experience at the heart of the American film scene.

Gary  Walkow has written and directed six feature films, won the Grand Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, the Innovation Award at the Taos Festival, is a founding member of the Independent Directors Committee (IDC) at the Directors Guild of America, has worked as a writer-director for Electronic Arts, Francis Coppola, Twentieth Century Fox, ABC, Universal.  He draws on a wide breadth of experience in independent and studio film and the game industry.

The seminar is designed to maximize participants’ access to the methods and knowledge that Gary has acquired over a thirty-year career as a filmmaker.  Using his films and screenplays as case studies, Walkow will illuminate the filmmaking process from beginning to end.


“I have been a huge fan and admirer of Gary Walkow for many years -- his talent, his craft, and his ability to be a success in whatever he choses to do.  I am continually impressed by Gary's ability to get challenging original film projects developed, financed, and produced.  It's wonderful he is now taking time to share this experience with emerging filmmakers.”

 --Fred Fuchs, headed Zoetrope Studios, produced “Godfather III”, “Rainmaker”, many other films

“Gary Walkow has always been ahead of the curve in creating ways to make top quality films without spending a fortune.  This class is not to be missed.”

  --Randal Kleiser (director of “Grease”, “Blue Lagoon” and numerous studio films)

 “Gary inspired me to get back to making my own films, not someone else's.  Take his class; you too will be inspired.  He's an absolute expert.”

  --Stephen Gyllenhaal (director, Chairman of Independent Directors Committee, DGA)


“I highly encourage anyone interested in taking charge of their directorial ambitions to take this class.  Gary Walkow's wealth of experience is invaluable.  He is an artist, an intellectual, but also a pragmatic problem-solver.  And a great communicator.  The best of all worlds.”

  --Tom Reed, former Head of Development, Imagine Films

"Gary's class was enormously useful; chock-full of practical solutions to low-budget filmmaking.  Each nugget of advice is worth it's weight in gold.”

  --Taegen Carter, producing-directing his 2nd feature

Courtney Love in "Beat"

Courtney Love in "Beat"

SEVEN reasons to take this class:

--Save yourself 30 years of figuring out the best way to make a film.  Benefit from Gary Walkow’s pragmatic advice based on real world experience..

--Learn how to attract a great cast and get the most out of your actors.  Gary’s casts include: Kiefer Sutherland, Courtney Love, Jon Favreau, Seth Green, Sam Trammell, Campbell Scott, David Cross, Alex Kingston and many others.

--Learn the extremes of filmmaking.  How do you work with Courtney Love in a Mexican jungle?  How do you sneak onto a studio soundstage and shoot with a crew of two?

--Learn how to bring the smarts and planning of DGA/studio filmmaking to a micro-budget movie.

--Be inspired to make the film that you believe in.

--Start building a network with the other filmmakers attending the class.

--Get all your questions answered .

Jon Favreau in "Notes from Underground"

Jon Favreau in "Notes from Underground"




Time management, strategic decision-making, developing script ideas.

Writing -- The Shooting Script

Goals, structure, the “reading script” vs. the shooting script, what constitutes a successful shooting script.  Case studies: Crashing, Radio Mary.


Casting, locations, crew, core principles, key decisions.

Production & Post

Scheduling, production tools, core principles, directing, editing, completion work, screenings, festivals.

12 – 1PM    LUNCH BREAK (lunch not provided)

1 – 4PM   CASE STUDY: “Radio Mary” and “Beat”

The nitty-gritty of the decision-making process from the perspective of producer, writer, director, and editor.  “The Big Picture” Skills: grasping the totality of production from start to finish.

In depth analysis and scene study, dealing with the entire matrix of decisions that go into a finished scene.