2. All Them Beats

I circumnavigate, or perhaps loiter actively, in 3 worlds: filmmaking, photography, prose.  Photography and writing are the most conducive to daily practice.  But what I call filmmaking is now as easy as pointing an iPhone, hence the high decibel level of the ambient culture.

Beat (2000) has been on my mind, a bit.  Iain Sinclair found a copy of my film in a thrift shop, loved it, wrote about it (posted on the Press section of this site).  But this year at Sundance there were 2 Beat films:

Kill All the Darlings, which covers exactly the story that is the first act of my film, Beat: Lucien Carr’s killing of Dave Kammerer.  Chistine Vachon produced the film, and I sent her a copy of my script in 1997 when I was trying to get the film made.  Any connection?  Any provable connection?  Ron Livingston plays Allen Ginsberg in my movie, Daniel Radcliffe plays Ginsberg in the new movie.  My kids love Harry Potter, so that’s a strange transmogrification.

My daughter, Dot, once said to me, “Dad, what you need to in a movie is put a smile on someone’s lips, a tear in their eye, and have a movie star.  The problem with your movies is they don’t have movie stars.”  She should be running a movie studio.

I suppose I should add Daddyhood (sounds less Teutonic than Fatherhood) as my another world I am, and the most important one now.

Also at Sundance is “Big Sur,” based on the Keruoac novel.  Josh Lucas plays Neal Cassidy – Josh came in toe read for Kerouac when I made Beat.  This was before he was a star and I thought hew was great but we ended up making the film in Mexico City and the Kerouac role was too small to justify bringing an actor down from the States.  Another ship that didn’t pas in the night.

British Library, case that held the original scroll of "On the Road"

British Library, case that held the original scroll of "On the Road"