13. Dot's Version of Noah's Ark

Dot, age four, unstaged, the image grabbed quickly before the composition fell apart, the focal plane accidental, and yet, with the luck essential to street photography, giving the image a delicate sharp spine.  I don’t think Dot had heard of Noah when she arranged these animals, so chalk one up for archetypes.

I find feet very expressive, and quite neglected relative to faces.  I’ve followed my daughter’s feet through childhood.  I hope to follow Dot’s feet the rest of my life.

Photography is inherently an analytic discipline.  Where a painter starts with a blank canvas and builds a picture, a photographer standing before houses and streets and people and trees and artifacts of a culture imposes an order on the scene -- simplifies the jumble by giving it structure.  He or she imposes this order by choosing a vantage point, choosing a frame, choosing a moment of exposure, and selecting a plane of focus.

Dot, Ocean Park

Dot, Ocean Park

--Stephen Shore, The Nature of Photographs