33. "The Trouble with Dot & Harry" is in the Can

Principal photography on "The Trouble with Dot & Harry" wrapped last Sunday, with a last shot of Neil Morrissey dragging his wheelie down Station Road toward Newnham.  My ambition to take a movie with Dot and Harry has been realized (their last scene was at Comberton Market, the night before).  Dot celebrated by smashing a cupcake in my face, echoing the scene in the movie where Richard sticks his face in a birthday cake, which is a revisiting of me sticking my head in my birthday cake at age 15.

(If it’s my birthday cake I can do whatever I want with it, right?)


(Can I stick my head in it?)

(If that’s what you want to do...)

Echo of an echo of an echo of absurd jejune impetuosity.

Dot (London) 

Dot (London)