1. October 1, 2016

On August 30 I resumed doing a drawing a day, a habit that had fallen into abeyance. A daily journal, in the manner of Lartigue.  Lartigue kept a daily journal.  It had a drawing, often of a photograph that he took that day, but he likely had not developed the film or printed the photo yet.  He also noted the day's weather, what he did that day (in a bare bones way), and rated the day from 1 - 20.  I inadvertently reduced this to 1 - 10 (the current cultural template for ratings).  So this journal page rates he da on the 1 - 10 scale, but as of today I vow to use the 1- 20 scale.  I tend not to be very good at ranking things -- perhaps that correlates with my frequent lack of boundaries (I'm working on that).  I always want to put a little more of every spice into a dish, turn the volume up always just another notch.